The Must Have Accessories for Luxury Style

Seasons give birth to other seasons and one thing remains as we trade denim and leather jackets for winter coats and wool cardigans, the ability to  accentuate an outfit effortlessly with little luxurious details. 

Trendy men who are looking to set themselves apart from the rest should have a full artillery of accessories at hand. Loud or discrete, these additions often catch the eye and linger in the mind. If luxury style is what you want to achieve, check out these must-have, luxurious-at-core accessories we have sourced out for you.

Jewellery, your intimate best friend

Jewellery can give an immediate feel of someone’s style and for men, a ring like Bleue Burnham 9kt gold Stem variant or M.Cohen silver and turquoise fine bracelet are indisputable luxury pieces. If you are into sleek designs, Le Gramme’s golden cuff is as timeless as they come. In any case, pair with your outfit accordingly to add a little something extra to your look. 

Hats for a vintage chic look


It's cosy season and hats are an efficient way of toning up an outfit and they come in a variety of shapes for any occasion. Pick quality materials and smart designs, whether it be a simple and snug beanie or a Ralph Lauren corduroy cap. A discreet monogram can be very interesting for a classic hat with a high-end twist. If you really want to complete your look, smart or casual, look no further than Lock & CO Stafford Escorial Wool Fedora. 




Belt up

Basics come first; with belts, start with a clean classic look before opting for bolder designs and colors. A classic leather Montblanc belt has an exciting impact because the material completes the whole outfit with an effortless stylish feel.

Make sure to choose a high-quality material if you are going for a classic option, however if you opt for a pattern like a woven leather Hugo Boss, or a design like a Saint Lauren monogram, have a think about how you will coordinate all the elements in your outfit.


Stunnin' Scarves 

The choice of scarves on the market is so wide that you can easily get lost. We recommend you to start with neutral colors plus one or two patterned scarves like the Mr. P checked cashmere scarf.

In true Velviere fashion, we advise levelling up and silk scarves are the go-to accessory to play with as they can easily be layered with jewellery and glasses. Whether worn around the neck, or over the head, you can't go wrong with the Casablanca Orange print scarf. 



Glamorous Glasses

Eye wear, if executed properly will forever be synonymous with chic high-class. Sunglasses can give a movie star look to anyone and you can proclaim your style with an infinite array of shapes and colours. If you go for sunglasses with a classic shape, challenge yourself by going for a tortoise pattern for instance like the Cartier Tortoiseshell. Sunglasses are an essential item to own as they can even be worn in the dead of winter.

Clear lens glasses however are just the accessory you need to invest in to tip your look over the edge. Even with an understated outfit, steal the show with an iconic Cartier or Gucci pair. 



Bag It Up 

For the most part, us men have tended to opt for hand free bags in the past, whether it's been backpacks or cross body bags. Times have moved on however and the male clutch is both practical, freeing pockets of keys and phones, and stylish. The Louis Vuitton Pochette voyage is stunning and would be a wonderful addition to the distinguished's wardrobe. 

If a slightly bigger variant is required to carry documents and the like, Bottega Veneta's calf skin Intrecciato is absolutely breathtakingly lavish. 


Marrying accessories is easy, step up and show your true colours in style! Fashion dies, but style sticks so we recommend you follow your flow and wear whatever takes your fancy. All you need to do is coordinate accessories - especially if you intend to layer - and let your self-confidence blow everyone away.

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