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Keys To Layering

As lockdown eases and we prepare to go outside again, those of us serious about fashion have already begun to think about the endless possibilities that cooler weather offers. In recent weeks, our clothing selections have consisted of sweats, pyjamas and comfy athleisure, but as we gear up to head outside again we've put together a guide to smart layering - the perfect way to wrap up warm and look good whilst doing so. 

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The Velviere guide to Quarantine

With all of us stuck indoors, alone, with Quarantine Bae or with family, daydreams have turned to when we can look forward to our next brunch, date night or even holiday. We don’t know when the end of quarantine will come but here are a few pointers to get us all through this.  

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The Velviere Skincare routine for Men

Here at Velviere, we are passionate believers that grooming is just as important as style, and this is why my duty free stop whenever I travel isn't limited exclusively to aftershave and alcohol. Most men don't have a skincare routine as they find the topic complicated, and as the simple creatures we are, we just don't care to figure it out! Well, worry not, leave the thinking to us, we've trawled the market and here is our recommended skincare guide.  Before we start, it's important to know that right now, in the midst of Covid-19, it's imperative that before you touch your face you thoroughly wash your hands. As crazy as it sounds, we have to say it.      Step...

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