Refined tailoring combined with streetwear, Sabbat has forged a lane for himself as one to watch for all the latest trends. Whether it’s his signature western look, completed with cowboy boots or chest baring shirts and flares, Sabbat has become the poster boy for the new generation. 



Born in New York, raised in Paris by his Model Booker mother and Fashion Designer Father, the Los Angeles resident is no stranger to the industry.  Signed by Kevin Amato, Sabbat has appeared in campaigns for relative rising stars such as Hood By Air, as well as established  mainstays Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Sabbat was even casted by personal friend Virgil Abloh to walk in Yeezy’s first and second season shows. 


Approximately a third of Sabbat’s life is documented on his Instagram, which serves as a lookbook with 1500 odd outfits. The first thing that stands out is his bravery, experimenting with colours, textures and silhouettes.  

Representing the new spirit of creativity, Sabbat has spoken of completing his fashion education in London elite fashion institutes.  He lists Saint Laurent, Raf Simons and a host of Japanese designers amongst his faves including Rei Kawakubo, IsseyMiyake and Junya Watanabe. In fact his enthusiasm for all things Japanese is prominent in most of his interviews.

An attendee at every Fashion Week throughout the year, it's clear Sabbat has a big role to play in fashion going forward. What that role is, perhaps isn't quite clear just yet. Model, Designer, Stylist, Influencer....he has excelled at all. Whilst he continues to do so, the fashion world awaits his every move. All eyes on Luka. 


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