3 shoes every man must own


‘Good shoes will take you to good places’ – Anon

During my school days, when my responsibilities extended as far as getting coursework in on time, I’d bug my mum for the best trainers, the first day back from the summer holidays was almost like a catwalk, and as I’m sure you’re all very much aware, children can be very mean. As college and university loomed, I’d established creative ways to get the latest kicks without the bank of mum. Then around the time of my first corporate job, and the invites to weddings became more and more frequent, I realized the importance of shoes, and looking the part. 

I’ve quickly come to realize that shoes most definitely have the power to make or break an entire outfit, and whether you like it or not, you can judge a man by his shoes. There are so many different styles of shoe, but the distinguished man can do perfectly well with a select few. Always remember shoes are a Long-Term Investment - your clothing sizes changes throughout your life but your feet pretty much remain the same size once you reach a certain age, so be sure to invest in a good pair and reap the rewards for years to come….here is the Velviere guide to 3 shoes every man must own.

3. Chelsea Boot

In third place, and somewhat controversially, splitting the team in doing so, was the Chelsea boot. Whilst some favour the chukka boot or boot brogues, we’ve opted for the Chelsea boot for its uniqueness, the sleek silhouette and the fact they can be dressed up, or down. The Chelsea dates back to the Victorian era when the invention of rubber and addition to the boot meant that the wearer could wear it snugly without it coming off. Popular with horse riders its not until the 1960s that it made it big in modern society. Championed by the rockstars of the 60s, the boots got its Chelsea name from the area where its mod wearers frequented. 

 Now, the number one rule for the Chelsea boot is simple, the accompanying trousers / jeans must be slim. The beauty of the Chelsea boot is lost when paired with baggy trousers. Abide by this rule and the possibilities are endless. Opt for the simple long coat and open layered shirt look and and you are onto a simple stylish winner.


We recommend Church’s Dixton Suede Chelsea boot -£450 . The material means its not one for all weather conditions but that aside, its a really comfortable boot, avoiding the pinch that many cheaper Chelsea variations face, these fit like a glove.

2. Brogue


Next on our list is a good pair of Brogues. In recent years the brogue has made a comeback and we believe it's the perfect shoe for the Velviere man. 

The modern brogue can be traced back to 18th century where the Irish and Scottish, had a similar shoe made from cowhides. Famed for the decorative holes that adorn them (for practical purposes - allowing the wearer’s feet to breath) the brogue was designated as a country shoe, only to be worn by the men of the land. Fast forward and the brogue has become a shoe for all. Championed by the traders of canary wharf, you can’t go wrong by pairing a nice pair of black brogues with a good tailored suit. If this sounds too formal for you, then a nice brown with a wood sole paired with stone wash jeans and a shirt is casual outfit perfect for a Sunday brunch.

Our brogue of choice would the brown leather brogue by Oliver Sweeney - Stoneygate Dark Tan - £249.

Made from British leather each shoe is hand made to guarantee a comfortable stylish shoe that will stand the test of time.


1. Black Loafers 


At the top of our list, our go to shoe, every man should own a very good loafer. Originating from 1930’s America, the loafer term was first coined by the Spaulding Family from New Hampshire. Originally made in leather the loafer was a comfortable shoe for gentlemen to wear without the need for laces. The loafer can be found mainly in leather, with synthetic options for the cheaper price bracket, and luxurious velvet or even crocodile, at the other end of the scale. The loafer is a versatile item, perfect matched with tailored trousers or paired with some chino shorts you can’t go wrong, and a leather loafer should be a staple of every modern man’s wardrobe. 

At Velviere the loafer we are currently raving about is the Gucci Jordaans. With a low heel, slim silhouette and soft calf skin leather we highly recommend the Joordan - £540.

With these 3 as staples of your wardrobe, you will have most bases covered. 

What did we miss? What is your go to shoe? Let us know in the comments below. 

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